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Juan Carlos Reyes

Poet and Writer, Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at Seattle University, Chief Editor of Big Fiction magazine, Board of Directors for Seattle City of Literature

Juan Carlos Reyes

Juan Carlos Reyes has published the novella A Summer's Lynching (Quarterly West) and the fiction chapbook Elements of a Bystander (Arcadia Press). His stories, poems and essays have appeared in Ascentos Review, KGB Lit, and Hawai’i Review, among others. He is a 2018 Jack Straw Writers Fellow and is currently an Assistant Professor of creative writing at Seattle University. He is also the chief editor at Big Fiction magazine. He is the recipient of the Artist Trust 2018 LaSalle Storyteller Award in Fiction.

About Their Work:

For Juan Carlos, "even a fast deliberation is a motivation worth investigating." In his essays and fiction, he doesn't settle for merely retelling stories in which "people become larger than the places they've been, and unexpected shouts become intentional screams." Instead he viscerally and relentlessly imagines and reimagines the people he writes about, searching every haunted detail begging for attention in hindsight, searching for reasons, for proof, that tragedies did in fact happen, despite our best collective efforts to cover our ears with proverbial "thoughts and prayers" and likes and reactions while "so many words are still stuck in rhetorical mud like horrible and whatever and disasterand America"

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Books (for purchase):

Elements of a Bystander (Arcadia Press, 2018)

A Summer's Lynching (Quarterly West Books, 2017)

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December 20, 2018

May 20, 2023

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