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Alissa Hattman



Alissa Hattman

Alissa Hattman is author of the novel Sift, which engages with themes of ecological grief and climate repair. Her writing has appeared in The Rumpus, Carve, The Gravity of the Thing, Propeller, Big Other, Shirley Magazine, MAYDAY, and elsewhere. She holds an MFA in Fiction from Pacific University and an MA in English Literature from Portland State University. She lives in the Pacific Northwest.

About Their Work:

Written in a voice you don’t want to recognize but probably do, Alissa Hattman’s fictions veer between hellscape and the shock of recognition, leaving us with the wincing realization that maybe this is exactly how things are. They dramatize power, misogyny and bending desire in words demotic and lyric but always visceral: opaque moon dresses and undresses, drain pipes and straight wrenches, violent sex and beer sours are all in there. Here is another deft writer inviting us into a corner of our troubled, troubling world, a constructed landscape that gets our hands dirty and our minds zapped.

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