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Bill Carty



Bill Carty

Bill Carty is the author of We Sailed on the Lake (Bunny Presse/Fonograf Editions, 2023) and Huge Cloudy (Octopus Books, 2019), which was long-listed for The Believer Book Award. His poems have appeared in the 32 Poems, Best American Poetry, Denver Quarterly, Iterant, jubilat, Kenyon Review, Paperbag, and other journals. He has received poetry fellowships from the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, Artist Trust, Hugo House, and was awarded the Emily Dickinson Award from the Poetry Society of America. Originally from coastal Maine, Bill now lives in Seattle, where he is Senior Editor at Poetry Northwest. He teaches at Hugo House, the UW Robinson Center for Young Scholars, and Edmonds College.

About Their Work:

“I have caught the cold of my country,” Bill confesses in his new collection We Sailed Along the Lake. Like a contact trace along the socially distanced, boxed-in, over-heard interactions that “bore the whiff of not science” “out here at the edge of things” – “the deep space or sea,…the underwater/ click-though fantasia, “ these poems ignore the warnings to “keep distance from the mammals” their incurable anger “making crises from/whatever is knocking” – and catch that Wordsworthian bug of spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings recalled in tranquility that ain’t tranquil, that uncanny valley where it’s impossible to “never touch another living thing/for fear of how […] being human might kill it.”

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