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Connor Cash Colbert


poet / songwriter

Connor Cash Colbert

Connor Cash Colbert (he/him) is a human poet, forest walker, and music maker currently living on the traditional land of the Duwamish people past & present in the city of Seattle. He is a member of secular-worship/poem-rock band False Hemlock, an editorial assistant at Poetry Northwest, and his poems have most recently appeared in Afternoon Visitor, Dear Magazine, and Vagabond City.

About Their Work:

Connor's poems, like spontaneous prayers unfold in the perpetuity of thought, of remembrance, of awareness of the space-time in which a feeling travels. This is not just stream-of-consciousness craft -- that mimicry of the monkey mind that fills any space with it's anxious and Apocalyptic groping for a fix or an end -- but a following of the "tethers between us," a feeling out of the connecting ligaments, the relationships that tie us to each other, to the onions we chop for dinner, to "entire nations of people/and species and ecosystems." This is the perpetuity of possibility, the great chain of being that is "less where /are we going/and more what is it /that follows" 

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instagram: @maggot_nelson; @false_hemlock (band insta)



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