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Emma Carson



Emma Carson

Emma Carson is a queer trans femme poet doing her best to vibe with 21st century madness. Her first book of poetry, The Divide Itself, considers naming and claiming experience as a way to reconcile inner division of self. She likes cats, old bicycles, and Seattle parks.

About Their Work:

In Emma Carson’s poems, we hear rumors of shut houses, fantastic empires, drought, and disagreement, both familiar and civic, a veritable echo-chamber of our world. The poems are short, just blunt enough to seem matter of fact but crooked enough to throw us off track. It’s as if the verbally gifted person sitting behind us on the bus unexpectedly greeted us, shared her observations and suddenly can-opened up our world. The tone of the poems is off-handedly wry, the language occasionally colloquial but more often humbly archetypal; the lines move swiftly and pack a punch. I read these good poems as a report on what most of us see and know and half-admit and mostly ignore; a terse accounting of our collective dismay and struggle.

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