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Erica Lewis


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Erica Lewis

erica lewis lives in San Francisco. Her books include the precipice of jupiter (2009, with artist Mark Stephen Finein), camera obscura (2010, with artist Mark Stephen Finein), murmur in the inventory (2013); and the box set trilogy: daryl hall is my boyfriend (2015), mary wants to be a superwoman (2017), mahogany (2023). She is currently writing a novel inspired by the murder of her maternal grandmother. She was born in Cincinnati, Ohio.

About Their Work:

Erica’s poems “jukebox the ghost/spirit language”“the disquieting hum/of living history” through old pop 45s like a “phantom radio/of something real” spinning deep cuts in the AM waves “that good good old shit” “we forget/that space and time are folded and refolded” somewhere “between Saturday night juke and Sunday morning church”that Music of My Mind like a hangover cure “enjoying/how the wreckage /can take you home”“all naked and pink/lost in the morass of/do the best you can today” “disentangling one life/to give way to another/to options”“and let us be undone/gilding these sentiments with joy and awe” “imagining/the present is still tenuous/porous“” spiraling to something bigger”. In Erica’s hands, these earworms “are not kardashian worries””that Kmart shit”” we’ll all forget”, but “what the important language of speaking to each other/would sound like “Patti Smith, but with a little D’Angelo/like a spiritual sibling”“grieving, on edge/trying to make sure /you” “pour one out/in the wilderness”, “listen to the electricity/the music loves us so much”

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Erica's page at The Poetry Foundation

Books (for purchase):

mahogany (Wesleyan, 2023)

mary wants to be a superwoman (2017)

daryl hall is my boyfriend (2015) currently on backorder

murmur in the inventory (2013)

camera obscura (2010, with artist Mark Stephen Finein)

the precipice of jupiter (2009, with artist Mark Stephen Finein)

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