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Jasmine Plaskon


Poet | Curator | Educator | Mystic

Jasmine Plaskon

Jasmine Plaskon is an all-in-one artist who writes, performs, creates, visualizes, disrupts, and spreads. She’s of the opinion that you should try (almost) everything once, incompletely and imperfectly. She hopes her pedagogy and politics speak for themselves; that, just because she is a well-studied MFA graduate with a publishing trail does not mean she will submit to the regime. Jasmine is nothing else if not experimental to her core. She believes with every ounce of her being that it is only through chaos that one makes alchemy.

A two-time Pushcart nominee, Jasmine can be found in The Fourth River, Sante Fe Literary Review, Winter Tangerine, and Platypus Press. In person, you may cross paths with her at Underbelly or Corvus doing a performance, at Hugo House moderating an event, or tucked away at home writing when she finally has no choice but to stop procrastinating with her wonderful husband and doting dog.

About Their Work:

If this evening is about explorations of alternative spirituality, then Jasmine Plaskon’s new work is right at home.  Analyzing patriarchal power in both political and metaphysical forms and set in a newtopian world that falls somewhere between dingy Blade Runner deco and the most abject college clutter, the work pairs references to the Renaissance, Roman history and the Bible with the discomfort of an erotic encounter on the knife-edge of seduction and abuse, populating the stage with two figures all-too-human but perhaps not human at all. Because of that, the approach makes the investigations in squeamishly, squalidly visceral and very compelling terms. Plaskon has always known how to get under reader’s skin and always know when and why it’s appropriate.  That skill take on a new form here, in the selection I have read, and it will be fascinating to see where this all leads.

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