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Jeanne Morel



Jeanne Morel

Jeanne Morel is the author of the chapbooks Jackpot (Bottlecap Press)I See My Way to Some Partial Results (Ravenna Press) and That Crossing Is Not Automatic (Tarpaulin Sky Press). Her poem, “Loss & Other Forms of Death,” was selected by Leila Chatti for the 2021 Fugue Poetry Prize. Jeanne holds an MFA from Pacific University and has been nominated for a Pushcart in both poetry and fiction. She lives in Seattle.

About Their Work:

For those of us who’ve lived through the vicissitudes of the past several decade--on this coast, in this city--and who’ve lived with our private ups and downs for a while longer, Jeanne Morel’s recent work will strike a chord of recognition. For all their verbal playfulness and interest in shape and structure, what marks these poems is a sharp eye for the distinctive disruptions of place and space seen on foot or by car, and the deft way they find the  ‘disjunct,’ to paraphrase Amy Clampitt, in bird and gas pump and tomatoscapes. Along with this cosmos of handpicked detritus, they offer a deceptively offhand engagement. And perhaps an opening or closing bouquet. Listen up!

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Books (for purchase):

Jackpot (Bottlecap Press, 2022)

I See My Way to Some Partial Results (Triple No 15, Ravenna Press)


Online Work:

That Crossing Is Not Automatic (Tarpaulin Sky Press) pdf

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