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Jenn Zahrt

Poet, Translator, Editor of Revelore Press, Founder of Celestial Arts Education Library Institute (Caeli)

Jenn Zahrt

Jenn Zahrt PhD writes about the history, philosophy, and epistemology of astrology, with a special focus on the poetic possibilities unleashed through its praxis. A chapter from her 2012 PhD thesis (UC Berkeley) appears in Sky and Symbol (Sophia Centre Press, 2013). As of 2007 Zahrt cut her teeth as a professional editor—for the interdisciplinary journal Representations, the literary arts quarterly The Threepenny Review, and the peer-reviewed academic journal Culture and Cosmos. In 2010 she became the creative director of the Sophia Centre Press, and in 2017 she created Revelore Press. Zahrt’s first book of poetry, Foil Holocrine emerged in 2019 with a reception at HOURS space in Bristol, UK. In 2021 she founded the Celestial Arts Education Library Institute in Olympia, WA, where she currently lives. Discover more of her work:

About Their Work:

Jenn's poems tune into that cosmic radio that vibrates the "anti-stasis of mentality", that "intangible high-pitched noise" that radiates in verbal sound waves the primordial "landslide of body" "making labyrinth tunnels" in dead cells with "deadly thought infection" until the xenomorphic mind-body loses all distinction and everything becomes new, alien, fractal, and the aether again transmits more than our sensorium has words for.

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