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John Cayley

Writer, Theorist, and Maker of Language Art

John Cayley

John Cayley is a writer, theorist, and pioneering maker of language art in networked and programmable media. Apart from more or less conventional poetry and translation, he has explored dynamic and ambient poetics; text generation; transliteral morphing - translation; aestheticized vectors of reading – The Readers Project (with Daniel C. Howe); and transactive synthetic language – The Listeners. The latter is a skill for a well-known digital assistant. A reader, Image Generation, was published in 2015 by Veer Books of London and a pdf version is available here. John Cayley now composes as much for reading in aurality as in visuality and investigates the ontology of language in the context of philosophically informed practice-based research. Professor of Literary Arts at Brown University, his selected essays are published as Grammalepsy (Bloomsbury, 2018, Bloomsbury Open Access version). John Cayley‘s latest project is as co-founder of an observable platform for the publication of language art with computation, LAOB The Language Art Observer.

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