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Katy Bohinc

Data Scientist, Founder of The Ratio

Katy Bohinc

Katy Bohinc is a poet and a data scientist; an avant garde publisher and a professional marketer; an activist, an astrologer and an innovator. She studied pure math and comparative literature. These things are not contradictory. It’s the future. She has three books of poetry: Dear Alain (Tender Buttons Press, 2014), Trinity Star Trinity (Scarlet Imprint, 2017), and Scorpio (Miami University Press, 2018). Since 2013, she has collaborated on the award-winning Tender Buttons Press with Founding Editor Lee Ann Brown, publishing experimental women’s poetry, expanding the field of possible and probable since 1989. For a decade, she has worked as a data scientist and engineer. She is Founder of The Ratio, a project to study astrology with data science. Check out her latest Scorpio Poems.

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Twitter: @ironhic

IG: @katybooberry


Books (for purchase):

Dear Alain (Tender Buttons Press, 2014), 

Trinity Star Trinity (Scarlet Imprint, 2017),

Scorpio (Miami University Press, 2018).

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