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Lauren Moore

Future Debt Free Rockstar

Lauren Moore

Lauren Ashley Moore is a Poet and Performance Artist based in the DIY art community of Seattle, Washington. Pulling inspiration from walking, herbalism, snacks and dances, Lauren’s art highlights a realm of self care, friendship, flowers and dogs. Over the past few years Lauren has recorded poems and collaborated with experimental musicians to create audio that is then incorporated into performances or installations. In the Fall of 2014, Lauren opened her bedroom for a time based piece called “Beginning” in which she invited the public into her bed one at time to experience a video and audio art work while being gently spooned by the artist. In 2015 Lauren opened up her home as an artist residency for Women and Gender Queer artists called Soft Self. Soft Self gave the artist a place to work and live and encouraged residents to focus on self care during the stay. In 2015 Lauren performed several new art works in her home and released a poetry Zine called Living Straight to Pen. Currently Lauren is working on future performance and time based art projects, playing concerts with her poetry and music group called The Fools, and getting ready to release a new  Zine called, “Tender Radiance.”

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