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Lora Mathis


Poet and Artist

Lora Mathis

Lora Mathis (she/they) is a poet and artist from Southern California. Mathis grew up moving cities in California every few years, with time predominantly spent in Laguna Niguel and San Diego. She attended high school in Hudson, Quebec, outside of Montréal, before moving back to San Diego.
Mathis primarily works in digital mediums, including video, photography, and graphic design. She has been sharing her art and poetry online for the last twelve years, and has utilized digital tools as a part of her practice. In school, Mathis has been exploring printmaking and sculpture.

Mathis came up artistically in the DIY punk scene in San Diego. They have played in several punk bands, and view performing, community organizing, low cost all ages shows, and independent publishing as a part of their practice.

They have published two collections of poetry including, The Women Widowed to Themselves (2015; republished 2020). Here I Am In It was published by Burn All Books in 2022. Their third collection is forthcoming from Metatron Press.

Mathis currently lives in Oakland and is a student at UC Berkeley, where she is finishing her BA in Art Practice and English.

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