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Malvika Jolly

Writer, Translator

Malvika Jolly

Malvika Jolly (b. 1993, Rouen) is a writer and translator. Her poetry, essays, and criticism are featured or forthcoming in Chicago magazine, Frontier Poetry, Liminal Transit Review, The Margins, MIZNA, Poetry Online, Poetry Northwest, South Side Weekly, and Violet, Indigo, Blue, Etc. She is a 2022 Visiting Artist-in-Residence at Compound Yellow and curates the New Third World, a poetry reading series inspired by the Non-Aligned Movement. To watch past reading of the New Third World, click here.

About Their Work:

"Whether visiting the prison hospital ward of the world or expertly navigating halls of emigrant arrivals, globalist departures, family tableau and cultural phantasms, the “she” of Malvika Jolly’s poems does so with aplomb, with the light touch of a long-time resident of home wherever you are. These poems are full of fables transmuted into memories, full of images that take the listener across time and taste—citron and nutritional biscuits, long seasons and ticking clocks—and they leave us breathless, disturbed yet somehow delighted and enlightened. The poems wrestle with the substance and contradictions of a life lived with a leg in different worlds and with the fact that that wrestling match happens all the time everywhere, all at once in any one place: Singapore, Delhi, Lagos or Bed Stuy. It’s quite a performance, one we are now privileged to hear and watch."

– Dave Karp

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March 11, 2023

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