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Roxi Power


poet, performer

Roxi Power

Roxi Power is a poet who teaches at University of California, Santa Cruz where she founded and edits the trans-genre anthology series, Viz. Inter-Arts. Her book of poetry, The Songs That Objects Would Sing, will be published September 2023 by Finishing Line Press. Her poems have been published widely (including an AWP Intro Award-winning poem in Black Warrior Review). Power is a podcaster with The Hive Poetry Collective in Santa Cruz. She has performed original scripts of Live Film Narration, or “Neo-Benshi,” around the country, including The New Orleans Poetry Festival, The Provincetown Tennessee Williams Festival, REDCAT (Roy and Edna Disney CalArts Theater), St. Mark's Poetry Project, San Francisco State University Poetry Center, The San Francisco Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and many colleges. She has an MFA in Poetry from Cornell University and lives in the Santa Cruz mountains with her family.

About Their Work:

“Who sits absorbed, / inside sound’s centerless, edgeless surround?” Roxi asks in an elegy for her mother that serves as the titular poem for her new collection The Songs that Objects would Sing. In these poems Roxi watches or listens intently to the “strange music” that drags us, the “jangle of broken and reconstituted / memories, fairly new to this aperture” that is modern life, anxious with all its myriad mediations, “A roll of presence infiltrated by scratch and origin / Ominous horizon unfolding in rhythm.” In the “stationary facts” of ephemeral life that we eternally take for granted – “the sonorous trickle of stream”, the “bird sound, leaping from dog sound”, the leaf’s “green & green & green / without end” – she improvises into “this continuity whose music cannot be / rehearsed” until we too hear it – “the hum, the heartbeat” – “Grace. That old note, that old snatch of song that takes you there will return and return. Though you will not”

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Viz. Inter-Arts Trans-Genre Anthology series (Editor)

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