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Sarah Ghazal Ali

Poet, Scholar, and Editor of Palette Poetry

Sarah Ghazal Ali

Sarah Ghazal Ali is the author of THEOPHANIES, selected as the Editors' Choice for the 2022 Alice James Award, and forthcoming with Alice James Books in January 2024.

A 2022 Djanikian Scholar, her poems appear in POETRY, American Poetry Review, Pleiades, the Rumpus, and elsewhere.

Sarah is the editor of Palette Poetry and lives in Lewisburg, PA where she is a Stadler Fellow at Bucknell University.

About Their Work:

"“A woman crowned holy is a calamity worth repeating”: Sarah Ghazal Ali’s poetry makes sense of what that could mean. Her poems prismatically evoke a fraught, compelling vision poised at the nexus of Islam, empire, internet and the female body. In this poet’s work, Qur’an, Ecclesiastes, NSA and Tom Ford all show up, all stare at her, but the speaker stares back, talks back to, about and at them. The voice that emerges from this contest is sometimes wry, sometimes impassioned, sometimes quietly defiant. If the language of the poems doesn’t at all seem in-the-garden-variety holy, it certainly comes across as wholly true, brisk and compelling. It’s something I believe in more than any scripture, and is something I am looking forward to hearing."

– Dave Karp

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Books (for purchase):

THEOPHANIES (Alice James Books, forthcoming January 2024)

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March 11, 2023

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