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Serena Chopra


Writer, Filmmaker, Dancer, Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at Seattle University

Serena Chopra

Serena Chopra (Assistant Professor of Creative Writing, Seattle University) is a teacher, writer, dancer, filmmaker and a visual and performance artist. She has a PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Denver and is a MacDowell Fellow, a Kundiman Fellow and a Fulbright Scholar. She has two books, This Human (Coconut Books 2013) and Ic (Horse Less Press 2017), as well as two films, Dogana/Chapti (Official Selection at Frameline43, Oregon Documentary Film Festival, QueerX and Seattle Queer Film Festival) and Mother Ghosting (2018). She was a featured artist in Harper's Bazaar (India), Revry, as well as in the Denver Westword’s “100 Colorado Creatives,” and has recent creative publications in Sink, Foglifter as well as in the anthology Alone Together: Love, Grief and Comfort in the Time of COVID-19 (Central Avenue Publishing, 2020). She also has critical essays in Matters of Feminist Practice (Belladonna Collective, 2019), Rehearsing Racial Equity: A Critical Anthology on Anti-Racism and Repair in the Arts (Amherst College Press, forthcoming 2023) and in the republication of Judy Grahn’s The Highest Apple: Sappho and the Lesbian Poetic Tradition (Sinister Wisdom, forthcoming 2023). In October 2020, Serena co-directed No Place to Go, an immersive, artist-made queer haunted house with Kate Speer and Frankie Toan. Serena is Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at Seattle University. You can find out more at

About Their Work:

"Serena Chopra's poetry and prose is invested in the exploration of vulnerability and in the process of deep listening. At once, there are the ancient angers welling up in the skin of the body, in the immediacy of feeling, yet she goes further, unfurling those fires in "trembling, incoherent distances" that allow us to see ourselves in the mirror of the other granting citizenship those who shape our memories with simultaneous responsibilities but also rights and how if we listen to them in their contradictions we can find for ourselves "love in the subjunctive, in the recognition of future mercies"" 

– Matt Trease

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Books (for purchase):

This Human (2013, Coconut Books)

Ic (Horse Less Press 2017)

Online Work:

"Rampage, Wounds and Chthonic Desire: A Mythological Complex for the Feminist Poetic Line," Matters of Feminist Practice, 2020


"Seduction, after The Great Plains" & Seduction after fossil beds," Sink, issue 19, 2020


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