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Susan M. Schultz

Poet, Educator and Founding Editor of Tinfish Press

Susan M. Schultz

Originally from the east coast, SMS has lived in Hawai`i since 1990. She is author of severalbooks of poetry and poetic prose, most recently _I Want to Write an Honest Sentence_ (Talisman)and _Lilith Walks_ (BlazeVox). She founded Tinfish Press and edited it for over 20 years beforehanding it off. She is a lifelong fan of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team.

About Their Work:

What would it be like to watch the record of our lives spliced and diced like a photomontage?  To write about neighborhood walks as a drolly Sisyphean adventure in outré banal surrealism?  Susan Schulz is here to answer those questions.  Full of news-flecked missives in which atrocity and history dance with mundanity, dog-walks replete with shit, mansplaining, muscular calves, toddlers, Ferdinand Marcos and holy mountains, Schulz’s pieces take us to places we have and haven’t been, evading and surprising us just when we think we’ve heard it all.

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Books (for purchase):

Lilith Walks (BlazeVox, 2022)

I Want to Write an Honest Sentence (Talisman House, 2019)

Online Work:

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May 09, 2023

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