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Vincent Rendoni



Vincent Rendoni

Vincent Rendoni is a multi -award-winning creative professional with 10+ years’ experience in agency, startup & Fortune 500 environments. Builder & custodian of leading network technology brands. Author of an award-winning book of poetry. Master of Fine Art in Writing. Data-informed firecracker. Let’s talk AI.

There are 9 things you need to know about Vincent Rendoni.

· Born and raised in Seattle, Washington. (But strangely, has some serious Southwestern vibes.)

· Author of an award-winning poetry book about his Latine / mixed upbringing. Ask him how he sold out his first 350-copy run.

· Has a Master of Fine Art in Creative Writing. Talks about it an appropriate amount.

· Taught creative writing at the Allegheny County Jail as part of an outreach program.

· Leo sun. Leo moon. Leo rising. (No, he isn’t kidding.)

· Previously lived in Italy, South Korea, Turkey, and Pittsburgh.

· Fully understands one of these places is not like the other.

· Very loud. Easily excitable. Should probably switch to decaf, but won’t.

· Ask him about his blue-eyed corgi. No, really. Don’t be shy.

About Their Work:

The gallows humor of Vincent Rendoni’s poems “cut[s] through the keratin/cleaning & washing the lowest part/of working folk” while he helps his abeula cook up some plums and “a sheet pan of six songbirds” and “the smell of meat & fruit /fills the room” with song and bones,  axolotls, a collection of baby Jesus figurines, and dreams of Mayan mystics & Aztec warriors , or that the tío who is bad with money enjoying “his cheap thrills: /His OnlyFans accounts. Jack-in-the-Box tacos. /That thermos of Crown & Coke.” All these things that “shouldn’t live in a place so cold,/but they exist, despite logic or reason.” This is how he lures us in, with texture & sweetness, a warming presence and irreverence that like his abuela’s tamales “cannot be sped up. It cannot be optimized./It puts you into a corner. It cannot be stopped.”

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